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Coordinator of Engagement

Columbia College Chicago

Harold Washington College

Joining Chinese Mutual Aid Association in June 2022, Griffin is the Coordinator of Engagement for CMAA. Together with other members of the development team, Griffin works on everything from executing volunteer activities for the various departments of the organization to facilitating sponsorships with external donors as well as helping to craft new and interesting fundraising events for CMAA. 

Previously to CMAA, Griffin worked for nearly 8 years with the non-profit Centro Romero as their Creative Coordinator where his fundraising efforts nearly quadrupled the output in the first year. Previously to that, he spent over 20 years in the music industry either as a touring/session musician, stage manager, or working as a consultant to aid musicians with the best equipment for whatever scenario was required.

FUN FACT | At 21, while working as a barista at a Starbucks, Griff helped a woman deliver a baby in the store’s bathroom.  After reconnecting the then-grown man 18 years later, the story of them meeting went viral and he was seen in People Magazine, The Today Show, Good Morning America and numerous publications across the world.

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