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Founder of Tono Clothing Brand

Jireh Louie is a Chicago-based designer and artist. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2017 with a degree in Industrial Design. Launched in 2021, his clothing line Tono was a first solo foray into the apparel design world. The initial intent, captured in the wordplay of the brand’s name/logo (雷 = Thunder, tono = I Thunder), was to explore the potential of his design voice. This continues to be the underlying theme for Tono, with an expanding focus on capturing emotional expression through clothing, symbolism, and exposition.

As society trends towards rapid superficial consumption of media and goods, Jireh seeks to create work steeped in deep meaning and individuality, while maintaining aesthetic interest and wearability. His Salience Series investigated questions of seen-ness, validation, and self importance symbolized through eye motifs.

His upcoming series will be a collection of custom work focused on imbuing clothing with the client’s qualities through his design lens.



Instagram: @project.tono & @jirehlouie

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