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ESL Computer Instructor

BA, History - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.Ed, Literacy (in progress) - American College of Education

Certified to teach 9-12 in History, Social Studies, Spanish, ESL, Bilingual Education - Illinois State Board of Education

Juan is a part-time Instructor at CMAA and is responsible for teaching Computer classes to students. Some examples of his classes include “Spreadsheets 101” and “Internet Basics.” Juan recently joined CMAA in May 2022, drawn by CMAA’s mission to empower diverse students. While Juan was born and raised in the Chicago area, his parents are immigrants from Mexico. Juan’s empathy and understanding towards ESL students stems from his own personal experiences in ESL classes in school when he was a young child that only spoke Spanish.

While Juan works part-time at CMAA, he also works full-time as a high school teacher in the South Suburbs of Chicago. He has taught Spanish, History, and Civics classes in the high school setting. Juan values diversity and pushes to incorporate diverse resources and perspectives into the curriculums of his classes. While in university, Juan also worked as an intern at the Intensive English Institute, an organization where students attend to study English as full-time students. This internship allowed him to teach and work with an extremely diverse group of students from all over the world. Also while in university, Juan learned Korean and Portuguese. He has traveled to South Korea and Brazil numerous times to practice his language abilities and to explore!

FUN FACT | Juan loves to travel and has traveled to 15 countries outside of the United States!

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