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IWC Coordinator

Phetsamone Maha finished high school in Fairfield, Iowa. After that she attended Ball University in Muncie, Indiana.  She graduated from there with a teaching degree and received her masters in Literacy Instruction at NIU.  With that she acquired a career as an ESL teacher at U-46 school District in Elgin, where she taught and served her community for 30 years. Phetsamone worked cooperatively with other teachers, administrators and parents to help students reach learning objectives. Communicated frequently with parents, students, and faculty to provide feedback and discuss instructional strategies. She kept students on-task with proactive behavior modification and positive reinforcement strategies. Phetsamone incorporated multiple types of teaching strategies into the classroom. She planned and implemented integrated lessons to meet national standards.

Recently retired from teaching and excited to now be a part of CMAA as a Client Intake Specialist.  Here with CMAA she completes comprehensive intake with new or returning CMAA clients in order to holistically determine client’s needs; create client service plan; and streamline case management services and referrals for the agency as well as assist with operations of CCP. At CMAA she is able to continue to serve the community.

FUN FACT | Phetsamone Maha currently resides in South Elgin with her family including her husband and three kids who are triplets.

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