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Asian McDonald's Operator

2023 Community Partner

The Asian McDonald’s Operator Association (AMOA) was founded more than ten years ago by Chicago-area McDonald’s Owner-Operators, Johnnie Tom and Dennis Cha. The organization exemplifies service, philanthropy and impact for their employees and community at large. 

When they created AMOA, they decided that the money they give out comes from a percentage of their members’ very own profits. They have supported CMAA’s past Galas, sponsored CMAA’s Dim Sum 5K/10K Race, and when CMAA decided to bring staff and volunteers to Chicago’s West Side to do a clean-up day in summer 2020 to support the African-American community in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, McDonald’s Asian Operators fed over 100 of our volunteers. 

This past year, when McDonald’s Corporate created the Chicago Community Impact Fund, AMOA used their voice and nominated CMAA and several other area AAPI organizations to make sure there was representation amongst grantees, resulting in CMAA receiving $50,000 for our youth programs. This is the first time that CMAA’s youth programs received funding from McDonald's and at this level from a private funder. Proceeds from these funds helped CMAA purchase a van for the agency for the first time ever, helping the organization transport clients young and old to various enrichment activities. Dennis Cha and Johnnie Tan are truly amazing at business, and even better people of character.

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