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Social Services

What We Do

Since 1981

Chinese Mutual Aid Association's Social Services Program serves to support the welfare of immigrant and refugee families by providing language-appropriate assistance and access to a wide range of valuable community resources and information. For those who speak little or no English, CMAA staff are there to help, speaking languages such as Cantonese, Burmese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.


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Social Services


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Our Services

Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program


Immigrant Family Resource Program (IFRP)

Illinois Welcoming Center (IWC)

Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

CMAA offers one-on-one case assistance for housing energy costs through the Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), allowing eligible low-income families to apply for benefits in order to pay for heating and cooling bills.

For more information, please contact :

Allen Wong at or 773-784-2900 ext. 107 for more details.


Immigrant Family Resource Program (IFRP)

CMAA works with the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) to ensure that individuals with language and cultural barriers can identify and receive benefits available to them through local, state and federal programs, such as food stamps and Medicaid. Staff members screen individuals and help them submit applications online or to local IDHS offices.

For more information, please contact :

Luna Ngoc at or 773-784-2900 ext. 116 for more details.


Illinois Welcoming Center (IWC)

"The IL Welcoming Center at CMAA serves refugees, immigrants, asylees, and Limited English Proficiency speakers by providing holistic case management and connecting clients to appropriate resources in a culturally sensitive manner. The IWC also coordinates educational workshops and community alliance meetings to promote clients' successful integration and raise awareness and advocacy for the underserved community's rights." More about the IWC on IDHS page.

For more in-depth information, please contact :
Hillary Tun at


All Locations Are Open Via Appointment. Contact Us Today.
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