Citizenship & Immigration

What We Do

CMAA’s Citizenship and Immigration Program helps immigrants and refugees to become U.S. citizens who are informed and active in their community. Since many people face obstacles to attaining citizenship such as low income and limited education, CMAA has attempted to break down these barriers as much as possible through low-cost services. CMAA’s Citizenship and Immigration Legal Services Program serves individuals who originate from all over the world, including China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mexico, and Vietnam.


Applications submitted for naturalization annually


People assisted in applying fee waivers through USCIS annually


Clients helped in legal immigration services annually


Clients became US Citizen this year



Citizenship & Immigration Case Assistance

CMAA is a Department of Justice (DOJ) recognized organization that offers low-cost case assistance to individuals seeking to apply for citizenship, readjustment of status, or petition for family members to come to the United States.


Since CMAA is DOJ recognized, our counselors are able to assist clients through the whole application process and advocate on behalf of our clients. Further, CMAA is a leader in assisting low-income clients to apply for fee-waivers, in order to reduce the cost of the application paid to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The full list of fees for legal services is HERE. 

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