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Assistant Manager of In-Home Services

A.A.S, Accounting, Business Administration, Harry S. Truman College

Anh was born in Saigon, Vietnam and immigrated to the United States in 1991 along with her sister and brother.  As the assistant manager of our homemaker program, Anh sympathizes with her clients on a personal level.  She describes herself as having a helpful spirit with the ability to sympathize with other individuals' struggles in a new country.  Anh knows first-hand how difficult is it to cross language barriers as one assimilates into a different culture.  Her own experiences empower her to assist others in improving other challenges as well such as computer literacy and other technological feats.


Before her career in social work, she wanted to follow her parents' career paths in the medical field and become a nurse, however, while attending Truman College, she began working part-time at the  Epworth United Methodist Church, assisting the pastor of the church and translating Vietnamese for its members.  From there, her altruistic qualities grew and she was introduced to the mission of Chinese Mutual Aid Association. 


In 2005, she became CMAA's homemaker coordinator who started with only sixty clients.  Over the course of thirteen years, Nguyen's clientele grew from sixty to two-hundred and forty-six clients.  The people she serves have a personal relationship with her due to the few times she visits each of them throughout the year.  She hopes to expand the senior services program even more and to train homemakers well so that the services we provide go above and beyond.  For Anh, improving the health and the life for seniors as a whole demographic in the city is a large priority. 


FUN FACT | Anh loves ballroom dancing and wants to take classes during her free time.

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