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Transition Coordinator

BA, Humanities, Shimer College

M.Ed., University of Illinois in Chicago

Greg is a Transition Specialist for the Elgin office of CMAA. He works to help CMAA clients to develop academic and career goals, gives them tools to develop a strategic plan, and provides them with resources for achieving these goals. Greg recently started this position in June, 2022. He is the product of families that have immigrated from China, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.

Greg has been in the education field all of his adult life. He has worked with non-profit organizations that have sought to improve English, math, science, and technology education. He also spent a year in Abu Dhabi, teaching Emerati children. He was the lead Bridge teacher at Truman College in Chicago for 8 years. This is where he learned that immigrants and refugees are amazing people with powerful stories. Greg has traveled extensively around the world and loves meeting new people and seeing new places.

FUN FACT | Greg’s Chinese American grandparents lived in Hawaii while he was growing up and it was a treat to visit them.

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