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Coordinator of Engagement

Master’s in Marketing- Northumbria University, Newcastle, England 

BA, International Business Management - Northumbria University, Newcastle, England

Associate Degree in Graphic Arts Technology – Harper College, Palatine, Illinois

Joining CMAA in 2023, Nguyen is a Coordinator of Engagement who helps implement and administer effective outreach programs or events. Moreover, her responsibility will cultivate relationships between diverse communities to provide new opportunities for young people in housing, education, employment, financial viability, health/mental health, social capital, and permanence that fits their culture and identity. As a part of the team, she is motivated by the mission of helping immigrants/refugees foster their participation in US society. She believes her work is serving a greater purpose, and she is facilitating positive results based on her jobs.


She earned a Master's Degree in Marketing and a Bachelor's in International Business Management from the University of Northumbria, United Kingdom. She continued her path in the United States with an associate degree in Graphic Design at Harper College. Over 10 years of living and working in different countries, she has developed cultural awareness, which has helped her have more meaningful interactions with people. 


Fun Fact: Nguyen enjoys cooking and is always curious about different culture's cuisine. 

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