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Christopher's Story

Don’t mess up. Don’t mess up....” Christopher murmured to himself before his first lionhead dance performance. With a knack for music and rhythm, Christopher plays the gong for Chinese Mutual Aid Association’s lionhead dance group.

Christopher Lee Patton, 11, will attend 6th grade at Goudy Middle School this academic year. He lives in Chicago with his parents and little brother. “I love to play basketball and I’m the center because I’m tall,” Christopher said.

He’s a camper at CMAA’s summer camp, a member of our after school program, and part of the lionhead dance team. Christopher’s favorite camp counselor is Aaron, because they both like to dance.

“I’m basically here at CMAA everyday,” Christopher said. “I like it here because CMAA has helped me with a whole lot of things such as math and making friends.”

Not only did Christopher not mess up at his first performance with the gong, it is one of his favorite memories here. “I think it made [the seniors] really happy to see the performance,” Christopher said. “That made me happy.”

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