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CMAA Welcomes Buddhist Monks to Life in America

72 year old Phra Phadsu and 55 year old Phra Nathaphon Taemklang are Buddhist monks from Thailand. Through the assistance of Chinese Mutual Aid Association’s Ket Herena and Bird Sanavongsay, they lent aiding hands starting November 2021. Ket and Bird picked the monks up at O’Hare International Airport. In the process of helping the monks adjust to life in America, Ket has helped the monks purchase an activated mobile phone and created emails for them. Meanwhile, Bird assisted the monks with setting up the phone. Meanwhile, Ket and Transitions Specialist Greg Freedman have been developing a basic computer class for the Golden Age Club in Elgin which serves seniors enjoy enrichment activities and find company in their community. Phadsu and Taemklang will also enroll in the computer class, equipping them with the necessary tools to fully adjust. Now they reside at the Buddha’s Words Monastery Elgin IL.

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