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Pursuing Passion and Growth with CMAA

Flavia Migliore Success Story from Ella Sadowski, part-time Career Coach and former CMAA Loyola Intern. CMAA hired Ella on a more permanent basis once she completed her internship, which is a success story in and of itself.

Flavia came to CMAA from Pará, Brazil. She had moved with her husband to Chicago in January 2023 seeking opportunities for work and schooling. Flavia studied biomedical engineering in Brazil, where she formulated many research projects and is credited on several research papers. Flavia wished to pursue her post-grad opportunities in Chicago, but had been struggling to find a university to assist her in the process. She came to CMAA for help with job assistance and assistance reaching out to schools. She then met with Ella Sadowski, CMAA career coach- Ella immediately noticed Flavia’s energetic presence and eagerness to find work. Flavia dreamed of working in a hospital as a biomedical engineer and had a strong desire to help people. Ella aimed to help Flavia reach out to schools and apply, and with CMAA’s resources, we were able to schedule a meeting with the admissions director of a post-grad program at UIC.

Given Flavia’s interest in getting a job while in school, Ella searched for opportunities with flexibility and areas to grow. With a list of possibilities and Ella’s assistance, Flavia landed an interview to be a customer service associate at Walgreens. Flavia was nervous about the interview at first, but Ella prepared her and gave Flavia tips on the best way to approach it. Flavia was ecstatic about getting the job and is thankful for all of Ella and CMAA’s help. Since the job is temporary, Flavia will be able to take time to visit her family before returning to search for more jobs geared toward her area of interest: healthcare. The pair work together on a regular basis, now searching for jobs and preparing Flavia for work after her trip. 

After her position with Walgreens, Flavia joined the Health Care Employment Preparation Program (HEPP) at CMAA in October 2023. With the assistance of Htar Nadi, our transitions case manager, Flavia started a job search in her field of expertise, Biomedical Engineering. Her efforts bore fruit as she received an offer for a biomedical technician position, with her start date scheduled for late January.

In addition to this exciting career move, Flavia is also setting her sights on further academic pursuits. She is planning to enroll in a master's program in Biomedical Engineering in the upcoming year, demonstrating her commitment to continuous growth and advancement in her field.

Flavia has expressed her gratitude for all of CMAA’s help and advocates for the ease and accessibility of CMAA’s services. Flavia is an excellent person who deserves to find what makes her happy. Just like every one of our clients that walks through our door. 

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