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Youth Program Coordinator

BA, Global Studies and Public Policy, The University of Chicago

Roman is the newly-hired Mentoring Coordinator for CMAA. Working alongside the rest of the Youth Department, he coordinates all services related to CMAA’s mentoring programs, including managing the Young Men Making Moves (YMMM) & Young Women Warriors (YWW) programs, partnering with mentors and mentees to plan the annual program retreat, and organizing monthly skill development workshops and recreational activities. The proud son of immigrants from Mexico, Roman is highly passionate about community and social empowerment, public service, cultural exchange, and international affairs.

A first-generation college graduate, Roman graduated from the University of Chicago in December 2021. Even during his time at university, he worked numerous internships in a diverse range of fields, from social services and university administration to teaching and research. An avid lover of language learning, Roman speaks Spanish fluently and is proficient in Mandarin Chinese, French, Japanese, and numerous others to varying degrees. More recently, he has begun learning Tagalog.

FUN FACT | Roman keeps a journal; every day, he writes an entry in a different language he knows, switching between them to keep his thoughts private.

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