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Assistant Manager of Finance

Saurav has been with CMAA since September 2019.  He graduated from the Keller graduate school of Management in Chicago with a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance. His favorite thing about working with CMAA is the splendid people he works with and the critical impact that the affiliation makes locally.

As a dedicated and detail-oriented Accounting professional, Saurav is responsible for tracking day to day expense/revenue including Account Receivable/Payable, Petty cash and Deposits along with gathering data and reporting processes which helps finance team process and prepare financial report. With his careful analytical mind as careful computational skills, he can perform precise tasks, ensuring that financial transaction is accurately represented.

FUN FACT | Saurav loves to do adventurous things such as Sky diving, Bungee jumping, Paragliding, Scuba diving as well as love to play guitar, sing and play soccer. To contact Saurav, email him at:

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