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Supervisor of Adult Literacy

BA, English Language & Literature, Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing

MA, English Language & Literature, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai

PhD, English Language & Literature, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai

Shuang joined CMAA as the Supervisor of Adult Literacy in Chicago in November 2023. She supervises Chicago-based instructors at the Adult Education & Workforce Department in this position. She assists with coordinating multiple adult education programs, including ESL, Healthcare Employment Preparations, Office Technology Bridge, and Citizenship. She and her team also support the Adult Volunteer Literacy programming in administrative and reporting capacities. 


Before joining CMAA, Shuang was an Associate Professor of English at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) in China. She has more than 20 years of experience in ESL adult education. She has managed multiple international cooperative projects between SISU and its partner universities in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Shuang has been a visiting scholar twice, first at Queen’s University, Canada, and later at the University of California, San Diego.


As a previous teacher, Shuang understands the importance of solid administrative support in guaranteeing success in learning and teaching and values the chance to work with and for CMAA’s adult education team. 


Fun fact: 

After her one-year stay in Kingston, Canada, where the winter is cold and long, Shuang swore she would never live in a northern city of any country in the northern hemisphere again, but here she is, in Chicago, happily. She has to admit the universe sometimes has a good sense of humor.

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