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Senior Coordinator of Transitions

BA, English, DePaul University

Tim first joined CMAA in 2017 as a volunteer ESL tutor and occasional teacher’s assistant after hearing about CMAA in a college class. In February of 2020 Tim finally stepped up to the ESL big leagues and joined the CMAA staff as an ESL instructor, teaching classes for parents of students in Chicago Public Schools. Since September of 2021 Tim has been helping clients achieve their goals beyond CMAA and assisting in the expansion of new adult education programming, first as a transitions specialist and now as transitions coordinator.


At DePaul Tim majored in English because he loves telling stories and the languages we use to tell them. To that end, Tim also has been studying Mandarin Chinese since 2016 and graduated with a minor in Chinese Language. He spent a summer in Beijing studying at BLCU and hopes to return someday to sharpen his language skills even further. 


FUN FACT | Tim’s favorite thing is playing and listening to music. He’s a fan of all kinds of music, from delta blues to Ethiopian jazz to electro dance-pop, and he would enjoy nothing more than to hear about a song you love. If you were in one of his classes you definitely saw him dance and play guitar on more than one occasion, something he is still trying to work into his transitions role.

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