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Marketing & Administrative Coordinator

BA, Business Administration - Summa cum Laude - Lakeland University, Wisconsin

Since 2021, Tim has been involved in several departments of CMAA (Finance, Development, and Private Pay) with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of the organization and providing support wherever needed. Primarily focusing on the newly established Private Pay Program, Golden Wings Home Care, he ensures that proper operation is taking place from Marketing & Sales, Finances, Recruiting, and Outreaching.

Tim has a vast exposure to numerous countries traveling and having lived in 7 countries thus far, which of most in Southeast Asia. These opportunities have given him the ability to converse in 3 languages fluently; English, Tagalog, and Japanese. With his interest in developing efficient methods of conducting work, building synergy, and helping the community, his desires of absorbing experiences are limitless.

FUN FACT | Tim is an avid golfer outside of the office who has been competing internationally since the age of 7.

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