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Event Details and Schedule

  • Starting Date & Time
    May 30th, 2020 - Anytime!

  • Starting Location
    Anywhere - It's Virtual!

  • Registration Pricing

2020 Race Highlights

  • This year, to keep our runners safe from the unprecedented COVID-19, the Dim Sum race was virtual!

  • Runners ran from wherever they were while sporting past Dim Sum race t-shirts or other red clothing items.

  • Every registrant had received a dim sum and bubble tea coupon compliments of Furama restaurant and Joy Yee.

  • We had runners take to social media to tell us about their experience!

Click the arrow for race results!
What Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA)'s Dim Sum 5K looks like in-person:
This isn’t your typical get a shirt, and go home type of race. The Dim Sum & Then Some is the only 5K running through Uptown, and Chicago’s only race where runners (walkers, joggers, and crawlers are welcome!) are treated with dim sum at the end of the route!

In 2019, nearly 700 runners joined us for the second Dim Sum & Then Some: The Uptown 5K! Swarms of runners descended upon one of Chicago’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods - Uptown. Renowned for its historical theaters, unique music scene and Asian influence, runners traversed through both the streets and Chicago's scenic lakefront. 

And what better way to cap off a run through Uptown than by eating some Dim Sum?! Each runner will receive their own dim sum box compliments of one of Uptown's famous restaurants, Furama (vegetarian options available). Additional free goodies were given on race day!
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