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Dennis Mondero

Executive Director

Rajan Shahi

Director of Finance

Dary Mien

Director of Elderly Care and Social Services

Rhea Yap

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Chettha Saetia

Director of SBDC at CMAA

Mabel Menard

Director of Administration


Allen Wong

Manager of

Social Services

Aloun Khotisene

Manager of Strategic Initiatives

Cortez Watson Jr.

Manager of Youth Programs

Emma Macdonald​​

Development Manager

Ketkesy Herena

Manager of Elgin Initiatives

Amy Hom

Assistant Manager of Scheduling Systems and Payroll

Anh Nguyen

Community Care Program Assistant Manager

Lilli Dang

Assistant Manager of Citizenship Program

Saurav Jojiju

Assistant Manager of Finance

Ashley Roll

Program Manager of Adult Education & Workforce Development

Christina De Jong

Program Manager of Adult Education & Workforce Development

Senior Coordinators

Bird Sanavongsay

Community Care Program Senior Coordinator of Elgin

Pablo Fierros

Senior Compliance Coordinator

Jordan Smith-2.jpg

Jordan Smith

Senior Development Coordinator

Pramila Lama

Senior Billing Coordinator

Julia Moffett

Senior Human Resources Coordinator

Reginaldo Sulit

Senior Operations Coordinator


Udon Thao

Senior Coordinator of Adult Literacy at Elgin

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