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Product Technology Manager at Google

B.A. Political Science, Grinnell College

Anne serves as the President of CMAA’s Associate Board. She has helped to grow and establish the newly founded group -- securing multiple corporate grants, helping kickstart a virtual Lunar New Year fundraiser for CMAA, and increasing Associate Board participation across all CMAA flagship events.

Apart from CMAA, Anne leads the Chicago Community Engagement pillar of the Asian Google Network (AGN). Previously, she also sat on the Scholarship Committee of the Nineteenth Century Club in Oak Park.

Currently, she manages tech strategy for Google’s

largest travel advertisers. Her expertise centers around product management, marketing, and data/analytics.

FUN FACT | I am a 1.5 generation Asian American that moved from Malaysia to Chicago when I was five years old. My favorite memories with CMAA include coordinating a youth coding class at Google and getting to watch the CMAA kids open their holiday gifts together pre-pandemic (clearly I have a soft spot for the Youth Department!).

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