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Praying Hands

Justice, Equity, Diversity 
and Inclusion

What We Do

Systemic racism and social disparities will not end without intentionality. Individuals, communities, businesses, and governing bodies must each do their part in dismantling them. As an organization, CMAA intends to expand our commitment to this collective effort. At CMAA, we established an Anti-Racism Committee. This committee meets regularly and focuses on ways CMAA can improve in fighting racism. CMAA will uplift the voices and needs of our black, indiginous and people of color (BIPOC) in Uptown and beyond by continuing to build new and strengthen existing partnerships with BIPOC-led organizations and businesses.

Organization Spotlight:

RGW Consulting


This March, CMAA staff is participating in a training with RGW Consulting! RGW Consulting, LLC. is a boutique consulting firm that curates opportunities for its clients to Reimagine and Generate Wonder in a way that leads to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for all. Their mission "aims to create communities of individuals who possess a growing consciousness of the cultural space they occupy and exercise their agile ability to navigate a variety of cultural spaces, toward a more viable and sustainable framework for doing business equitably."

Our Resources

Below is a list of resources to provide resources/referrals to anyone experiencing racism in any sector of their lives. (This is not a comprehensive list, if you know of a resource that have not been posted please email us at and let us know!)

Social Services

Legal Aid Services

Community Organizations

Social Organizations

All Locations Are Open Via Appointment. Contact Us Today.
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