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Kevin is a determined individual currently pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Accounting at Northeastern Illinois University. He is actively involved in the Accounting Club, where he engages with fellow students and professionals to broaden his understanding of the field.

Driven by his desire to excel in accounting, Kevin has set his sights on obtaining a Master's degree in the subject. His ambition extends beyond academics, as he aims to acquire the necessary skills to contribute to his family's financial well-being and assist in the development of the CMAA (Chicago Metropolitan Association of Accountants) organization.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Kevin enjoys immersing himself in the world of animals. Having previously worked at a Dog Daycare and volunteered at PAWS Chicago, he has developed a profound appreciation for all things animal-related. Kevin finds joy in reading and watching documentaries that offer fascinating insights into the animal kingdom.

When he's not studying or exploring his passion for animals, Kevin indulges in video games and manga. These hobbies provide him with a much-needed break from his academic commitments, allowing him to relax and explore imaginative worlds.

With his dedication, curiosity, and commitment to personal and professional growth, Kevin Lee is on a path to making a positive impact in the field of accounting and beyond.

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