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Regional Labor Relations Officer,
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Roxanne Volkmann, candidate for Chicago's 48th Ward alderperson, is a working mom and a longtime Edgewater resident who has built a distinguished career as a federal government expert on housing, urban development, labor, and fair wages. She has effectively served in government to prevent wage theft and recover restitution for workers. Roxanne would bring expertise in identifying government funding and resources. Early in her career, she led constituent services as a U.S Senate senior staffer. In that role, she talked to constituents every day, listened to their needs, and managed a team of caseworkers that helped constituents address civil rights violations, gain access to housing, and secure hard-earned social security payments. Roxanne is prioritizing public safety, affordability and community revitalization in her campaign and is vowing to bring "working mom sensibility" to City budget management.

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