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Senior Instructor

B. S. History and Political Science, Eastern Michigan University 

M. A. Social Science, Eastern Michigan University 

M. A. Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, DePaul University

Jennifer has been working as an ESL Instructor at CMAA since 2019. The inspiration for her work comes for her Assyrian refugee grandparents and the desire to honor the sacrifices they made to ensure a better life for their children and grandchildren. Jennifer relishes the opportunity to help other immigrants and refugees as the go on their own journey in the United States. 

Jennifer has over a decade of English teaching experience both in the US and abroad—including South Korea, Turkey and Thailand. After returning home, she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Refugee Studies and Forced Migration Studies from DePaul University. The degree helped her to get a deeper understanding of the issues and challenges facing refugees around the world. Jennifer’s main goal as an ESL instructor is to provide her students with a comfortable, friendly environment to practice their English skills and help them grow in confidence. 


FUN FACT | Jennifer is a published author. Her work was recently published in an anthology about expat women living in Turkey. 

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